One of the bigger frustrations many folks have with the Conestoga cabinet line is that there is no good way to request a simple price quote. Up until now, we kind of ‘pushed’ customers to use our on line form which is fairly tedious to work through. Well, as of today, we have refined the quote process for RTA cabinets a bit and intend on further refining and simplifying it in coming weeks. For starters, we have created a preliminary page you will first come to which will ask you which situation best describes you:

  1. You have a drawing of cabinets (a true cabinet plan) and just want a preliminary quote
  2. You have an exact list of cabinets using conestogas product codes and terms or
  3. You have neither – just some ambition and a basic room layout with wall dimensions.

Our goal is to be able to give you the best information we can regardless of which of these best fits your current situation. We are also revamping the pricing page to show more door design options in our sample kitchen as well as lineal foot pricing for it, all in order to help give you an idea if Conestoga’s premium cabinets are even worth it compared to the low end Chinese imported RTA cabinets that will honestly come in 20-40% less.

The goal is to be able to give you some upfront pricing information with as little effort on your part as possible so that you can at least ‘test the waters’. Then, if all looks promising, we can take a second stab at your quote, refining it as necessary to add more frills or cut more costs. In the end, we just want you to be less frustrated with the process of getting a Conestoga quote so that you can focus on this one undeniable truth…these ARE the best RTA cabinets you can buy…period.

Let us know if we can address any of your pricing concerns by either shooting us an email at or giving us a call at 888-211-6482!

As always, thanks for your valued business and for the effort you put in to tying to get us the most detailed information possible for your quote.

2 thoughts on “RTA Cabinet Quote Process

  1. I am planning a kitchen redo for a home we are purchasing for our son. We are on a tight budget and are considering RTA cabinets to get more for our dollar. Our kitchen is a u shape with the left wall having a 24″ DW then a 36″ sink (open to dining room) that turns to the largest wall being 12.5′ with the stove in the middle which then turns to the last wall with a 30″ cabinet and then a 36″fridge. This has an 8′ flat ceiling.
    We want a spice rack, garbage pull out, one 3 drawer base cabinet, a 2′ square island, microwave on the wall cabinet next to the fridge, lazy susan in corner.
    Please let me know if u can work up a kitchen with this info or do you require more details

    1. Eileen,

      Please follow the link in that article ( to go to the quote page and follow one of the three options there based on your situation. In summary, we either need a clear cabinet drawing with cabinets plotted on it, a clear list of actual cabinets with options (finished ends, etc) in our nomenclature or, perhaps at this point you are just looking for an idea on price, in which case you can take a look at the pricing page where we priced out a 12 x 12 kitchen. In any case, please be aware that these will not price well against the imported Chinese RTA cabinets, so if your budget is for that range of cabintetry, you may do better looking at the many RTA cabinet web sites that specialize in importing such cabinets. As it is,the product we sell is from Conestoga Wood Specialties and is very high quality, meant to compete with the higher levels of cabinet quality out there. 100% made in the USA and custom built to order, not stocked, so it just cant compete with the cheap stuff pulled from a rack. The pricing page may at least give you an idea if you are on the right track or not. FOllow the link I give above and it will pretty much guide you from there. Let us know if we can help further!

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