Check out our new videos on the following topics. Links are with them as well…

Inset cabinet ends:

When ordering inset cabinets, customers often want the ends of the cabinets (and backs of islands, etc) to look like inset cabinetry. This video shows you what to order and how to install them!

Configuring Custom Cabinets:

Customers often dont realize the level of customization available to them with Conestoga’s program. We can take literally any cabinet box size they offer and, by deleting the standard face frame (as well as its associated doors/fronts/drawer boxes) and adding in a custom specified frame, create a completely custom cabinet! This video shows how!

Installing Light Rail Molding:

This video highlights our B11 light rail molding, shows how to install it and talks through how your door position and overlay can affect the installation of your light rail molding

Heirloom Finish:

This video simply shows the level of ‘induced age’ Conestoga is able to achieve with their Heirloom finish. Heirloom treatment includes antiquing, wear sanding, level 2 distress and a single coat of paint to create a look that is that of a 200 year old ‘lovingly aged’ kitchen. Check out this video to see how this look might inspire you in your historic home remodel!

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