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Conestoga has recently announced the addition of several Media/Entertainment cabinets to its line of Home Office/Entertainment RTA cabinets. These cabinets are ideal to house your electronic components and are wide enough or even the largest big screen TV. The cabinets are available in custom sizes as well, just like Conestoga’s other cabinets. When used in conjunction with their open bookshelves, wall counter cabinets, fluted columns, valances, and trim moldings, you can create truly a stunning entertainment area for your home. Keep in mind that we can even do solid wood countertops to match your cabinetry for a truly high-end look! Also, be sure to consider the Flush Toe option or furniture style feet to create a ‘furniture-like’ look to your entertainment center.

To find out more about the new media cabinets, check out the catalog by clicking the link below or just give one of our product specialists a call at our toll-free number: 888-211-6482

Media Cabinet Catalog

We have the cabinets you need to create an efficient, luxurious workspace! We also carry a great selection of media cabinets for your next entertainment/media center! Custom sizes are no problem and cost you nothing extra. Below are just a few of our many Home Office and Media cabinet options.

3 thoughts on “Conestoga Introduces Media Cabinets!

  1. Consider frame only doors on doors and then use black speaker fabric instead of glass. You can then hide your front speakers inside the cabinet and sound can still pass through the mesh!

    1. Hi Brian, Will this also work with putting the components in the cabinets and do we have to supply the speaker fabric and install the fabric to the doors?

      Thanks, Brigette

      1. Yes, you can put anything in the cabinets and use the mesh idea. If you are putting components behind doors though, the heat will not be able to escape as well, so you may want to cut a square hole in the back of the cabinet and install a wood vent (like a floor vent for hardwood floors). Some component manufacturers may even suggest that you install a circulating fan so that you do not burn up the components with heat that cant escape the cabinet.

        As for the mesh, no Conestoga does not install that. ideally, you would affix with SHORT staples and then finish off with a wood molding trim like the wood molding (#52, #906, etc) that comes with the door and is intended to hold in the glass. Just indicate you want the WOOD retainer molding on your quote. Otherwise, they will send the plastic one automatically for most doors.
        Hope this helps!

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