On September 25th, we added a link in the main menu bar to our videos page which will showcase many different things about our RTA cabinets including assembly tips, hinge and glide installation, product highlights, and more. Most of these videos were shot in our own shop while assembling real kitchens for real customers, so we hope you appreciate and have confidence in our level of product knowledge. This video library will be expanding in the coming days, so check back often to see what new and what’s helpful, especially if you are already in the process of assembling your recently purchased cabinets! You can access the new page at the link below, in the sites main menu bar, top-of-page menu or in the site footer in the information column.

If you have specific videos you would like us to shoot to assist you in understanding Conestoga’s vast offering, let us know by commenting on this blog! We would be happy to do so!

Click here to visit the new Videos page!

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One thought on “Check out our new Videos page!

  1. In coming days, we will be adding videos pertaining to flush ends, hinge options, mitered versus raised panel doors, and much more. Our goal is to make the video page an online and illustrative resource that better shows Conestoga’s products and how to install/assemble them. If you have video you have shot in your own assembly that may serve as a tip for our clients, send it along! We would be happy yo extend a ‘thank you’ in the form of a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant for any video we use on our site!

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