How to quickly and easily mount the false drawer front on a Base Sink cabinet using the provided mounting blocks.

13 thoughts on “Mounting False Drawer Front on Sink or Range Base Cabinet

  1. I just watched your video, and I can’t figure out why you are putting drawer bumpers on a fake drawer. Doesn’t this create a weird unsealed gap? Is this just to match the other “real” drawers? I’ve never seen this gap on fake drawer. Over time, doesn’t the material of that drawer bumper become compromised anyway, leaving the hold of the drawer less than perfectly strong? Is this just a preference as to how it looks? I would think water, cleaning, etc. would make this decision a less than best way to go. Is there something I’m not considering?

    1. Hey Thomas, thank you for your inquiry! We do this because the false drawer front won’t be on the same plane as the doors below it without the bumpers, and we think it looks bad. The countertop overhang helps to keep crumbs and water from getting into the gap. I see this choice as a preference, and if you choose to mount the false front directly to the face frame, it wouldn’t be obvious to most people. Again, thanks for your comment, as many customers can now consciously make the decision of how they’d prefer to handle this. Have a great day!!

  2. I have a question. We have dummy drawer fronts under the sink also but would love to put hardware on it to make it look like a real drawer. How do you do that with absolutely no space to be able to drill from the back?

    1. Hi Catherine, that is indeed a pickle. You would have to work with angled screwdrivers and such as the space is minimal at best. If you used a knob and not a handle, you may have some luck putting a lock washer under the screw head and holding that with your finger, just turn the knob on until tight. If you are using a handle (two points of contact), this gets much tricker as you cant turn the handle, you have to turn the screws. Theoretically, you could also screw the screws all the way into the handle until TIGHT and then cut the head off the screws. Pass the screw shafts through the holes in the drawer front and then attach with buts from the back side (you should be able to get a small socket on the nuts)

      Now, to be honest, the reason companies dont put hardware on false fronts is that the unknowing user will try to yank the drawer open…and its fixed. This does nothing bad the first dozen times, but at some point, someone may very well yank the false front right off the cabinet. Be mindful of this before deciding to put hardware on there!

  3. I have a faux drawer front at my kitchen sink that has come off and I am trying to figure out how to reattached it. The sink not allowing access to the back side of the location is a real problem. Any suggestions?

    1. Trying to work around the sink is tough. We do not sell them, but I am aware of some “snap brackets” where the drawer front clips to the bracket on the cabinet. You would need to get the false front off somehow to install these. You may want to look around online to see if you can find them. A lot of stock cabinet companies use these for their false fronts. Problem is, the plastic breaks after a while and the front may fall off, but that is generally years down the road.

      1. I suppose you could. But…1) most glues wont stick to finish very well and will give way over time 2) there is no way to get it off without marring the drawer or finish and most importantly, 3) there is no way to really glue the drawer front to the frame when the drawer front has corner bumpers on it (therefore, there is no contact between the back of the drawer front and the face frame or the plywood mounting blocks).

        1. What about gorilla glue which expands? After 10 yrs of use 2 of our false fronts fell off (plastic clips) 2x on top of my bare foot-OW!
          Now we can’t find the same clips so I’m considering gorilla glue as wood glue didn’t work probably cuz the finish is varnished.

          1. Don’t use Gorilla glue. I did and put the false front on a bathroom vanity last summer. Winter came and with humidity changes and expansion and contraction, the false front cracked. I’m hoping that as warm weather comes it will move back together. My problem is I have no idea how I’d get the false front off now that it’s securely glued on. There is a false front below the kitchen sink and I checked that one out. There are two small pieces of wood in back that span the gap on the top an bottom. Screws were drilled through the wood and into the false front. It stays on and apparently withstands the expansion and contraction. Now sure what I’m going to do now. Any suggestions? 3/19/22

          2. Our false fronts are held on using plywood backer blocks which are screwed through and into the back of the false front. Sorry, can’t offer any helpful advice on getting that cracked front off without potentially ruining it.

  4. I am building a home, and the cabinet that the farmhouse sink goes into needs a false drawer. The doors under the sink are too low, and it looks funny. Is that any easy fix? Can holes be cut into the already installed cabinets to create a space for sponges? I need help. :/

    1. Hi Allie, I would suggest you talk to the cabinet maker who sold you the cabinets for the new house. They understand their own cabinets better and can guide you on options.

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