This series of videos shows you how inset hinges are installed prior to the cabinet being assembled.

6 thoughts on “Installing Inset Hinges: Part 2 – Installing the Brackets

  1. It’s good to note that the pilot holes and screws should be screwed in at a 12 degree angle, instead of straight up and down.

      1. The back of the face frame is flat, but the brackets (engineered by Blum, not us) have a slight slope to the screw holes. If you rin the screw in straight up and down, the screw head will not sit squarely on the angled bracket face, causing the bracket to tilt due to the torque of the screw. Once you actually see the hinge bracket, you will see what I am referring to. We have begun using the Blum Platemate jig for all our internal jobs which sets the correct location for the bracket and also has the pre-drill holes at the correct angle, making the whole process of installing the brackets a piece of cake.

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