Installing handles and knobs on drawer fronts using an easy to make jig

2 thoughts on “Handles and Knobs: Installing Handles & Knobs on Drawers

  1. When I started drilling holes in my white painted cabinet doors, the paint chipped around the drill hole when the drill bit popped through. Any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening? Thank you.

    1. Hey Mike, Thanks for your question! For starters, we recommend using a very sharp drill bit, as a dull one will have a higher tendency to chip. Using smooth even pressure to enter and exit the door material will also help to mitigate the risk of chipping. Typically the knob or pull base will be thick enough to cover very small chips, but if you are still concerned or experiencing issues, you can use 3M Blue Painter’s tape to cover the enter/exit hole locations. Just keep in mind that it is not recommended to keep the Painter’s tape on the finished surfaces for longer than necessary to avoid discoloration. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Cabinet Coach directly for a quicker response – Have a great day!

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