This video shows the affect of light on Cherry and discusses some of the challenges of working with America’s favorite wood specie.

4 thoughts on “Darkening of Cherry Due to UV Light

  1. I bought cherry cabinets and I have doors that seem lighter than others can I lay them in the sun to darken them up

  2. Similar problem.

    Replaced a few drawers/doors in kitchen (originals were 8 years old). We’re thinking of setting up a UV lamp on a short timer to darken up the new ones (and leave the room for safety purposes). Will this work? (How long would you recommend exposure with a 40W bulb?)

    Also is safe to say after 8 years that the old doors won’t darken further too.

    1. This should work. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a time frame for how long it would take to match adjust in color. You would need to compare it to the original cabinets after they have been exposed to the light for some time. I could not find your information on file, I would recommend contacting the company who sold you the new doors to ask their advice.

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