A critical explanation of what to expect when you order custom woods in Conestoga’s RTA cabinet program. A custom wood is ANYTHING other than Red Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple or painted cabinets.

2 thoughts on “Custom Wood Species in RTA Cabinets

  1. What would you use for the open area of a bookcase to match a frame made in white oak rift cut? Natural or light stained.

    1. Since Rift cut White Oak is not one of Conestoga’s standard species (Red Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft maple), your only options are: 1) Stay away from matching interiors on the project (2 Order sheet veneers in the Rift or Quarter sawn White Oak and cut/laminate to the interior. A lot of work and you then have to rebore all the shelf holes. 3) use a blond-ish standard specie like Hard Maple or Soft Maple or 4) just let the standard interior be your “Matching” interior. The standard interior is a clear UV finished Birch veneer which has some tan heartwood running through it. It would not clash with the White Oak frames and doors, but the graining would not match at all (White Oak has a very open grain while birch has the closed grain). This (or #1) is probably the preferred option and by far the least expensive.

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