Installing Conestoga’s ‘ready to Install’ bottom mount trash pull out

8 thoughts on “Bottom Mount Trash Pull Out – Ready to Install Unit

  1. What is the height of the opening? I see that it is 15 inches wide – but what is the minimum height – opening only? I assume it is roughly 1 inch taller than the Trash can (35 gallon)

  2. If we are doing inset doors do we need to push the drawer glides back 3/4″ plus the 1/8″ you show in the video or 3/4″ total?

    1. Hi Geri,
      You would push back the drawer glides 3/4″. Once the door is attached to the trash carriage, the door should be flush with the front frame when closed.
      If the door protrudes past the face frame, you can unscrew the carriage and slide it further back inside the cabinet box until it is flush.

  3. When you say back 1/8in, do you mean the rails, or the wood from the face frame? The wood on mine isn’t parallel. If I take a straight edge across the face frame and have the rails touch it, the wood is touching the face frame on one side, and 1/8 on the other. How far should the rails be from the front of the face frame?

    1. Not sure I am following. We may need a pic of this. Can you shoot one to your cabinet coach?

  4. We are installing the inset version of this and the screws that came to attach the panel are entirely too short since they have to go through the plywood into the panel instead of the bracket. Anyone else dealing with this issue?

    1. Erik – if you screw through the pullout instead of using the metal tabs, you need to supply your own screws. The screws sent with the unit are only meant for the adjustable metal sliding brackets.

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