Video shows the option for base lazy susans where each ‘leg’ can be a different width, making designing the corner of your kitchen easier and ‘filler free’

8 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Base Lazy Susan

  1. Awesome video. Thanks so much!!
    It exactly addresses the issue I am facing in my kitchen. I would love to see or read more about installing a lazy susan in this sort of asymmetrical space.
    Kind regards

  2. Can I ask why install this with the door opening onto the range? I’m working with the same situation of the range right next to the lazy Susan.

  3. Please post more information and details about the asymmetrical Lazy susan, including photographs of cabinets representing the more radical dimensions (say 42/33), if they are available. It would be helpful to include a rule of thumb formula for estimating the size of the opening. I’m hoping that, at the very least, they allow for more visibility than the blind corner, I currently have. I’m also curious as to whether or not there is much consumer interest in them, by people in the same fix that I’m in. I have a very tight corner. To the right of my sink, I have a 42″ R blind corner with a 3″ filler abutting a free standing electric range, and then nothing. The range wall is 61 1/2″ but could be extended 5-6 inches. If the asymmetrical lazy susan abuts a free standing range would a filler be recommended? Thanks

    1. Hey Edith – thanks for your comment, sorry it took us so long to respond. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of our asymmetrical Base Pie Cut cabinets for our website. Regarding the openings, yes you’d definitely have better visibility than a blind corner cabinet. To figure the opening size(s), you’d take the length of each ‘leg’ and subtract 24″ (the depth of the adjacent cabinets) and 1.5″ (the width of the front-frame stile). So a 33″W x 42″D Base Pie Cut cabinet would have functional door openings of 10.5″W (33-24-1.5) on the left & 16.5″W (42-24-1.5) on the right. Once you have an active quote with us, your assigned Cabinet Coach would be happy to assist you with any further questions – thx!

      1. I had designed an asymmetrical corner cabinet with you fine folks over a year ago… it’s fantastic and I’m happy to send pictures if helpful.

        1. Hey Amanda, Thanks for your reply – that would be great! If you’re willing to share photos, we can link them to this video post. You can either send them directly to your sales rep or email to: Just reference they are for the Asymmetrical BLS video post. Thanks!

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