Custom size case only cabinet assembly. Brian goes over the versatility of the cabinet and shows inset hinge mounting brackets, reading the labels, etc.
Inset Only: 5:50 – 9:25

2 thoughts on “Custom Size Case Only (CSCO) Cabinet Assembly: Updated Spring 2022

  1. I am curious why you did not add the brackets on the back side of the cabinet to attach the drawer slides to (before full assembly). I have a 4’W x8’H custom cabinet and there are no predrilled holes for these brackets. My cabinet has 8 drawers on the lower half. Can you tell me how to figure out where to drill the holes for these brackets? thanks!

    1. Go to the 15:45 mark of this video…

      Many cabinets won’t come with pilot holes as they are using a custom frame configuration. The trick is simple. Basically, just measure up from the cabinet floor to the bottom of the face frame opening for each frame opening and transfer that measurement to the cabinet back. The video gives you the technique and the necessary dimensions from the side walls for the brackts.

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