A brief video describing the differences between partial (1/2″) overlay, Full (1-1/4″) overlay, Ultra-full (1-3/8″) overlay and inset cabinet doors with Conestoga’s RTA cabinet system.

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  1. Good day, we are putting things together for a kitchen remodel, and are contemplating upgrading the doors and drawer fronts on our kitchen cabinets. Our current cabinets are what I would call “old school” and are over 20 years old. We are thinking that we would like to create a different look.

    Our question is whether we can get the different look without changing out our cabinets. Currently we have a good amount of reveal and are thinking about eliminating some of that for a “cleaner” look, but we want to keep our existing cabinet boxes is possible. Our cabinets are currently 3/4″ Birch and still in very good condition. I will gladly send pictures so we can find out what our options are.

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for your comments. Yes, you can go with larger doors (which utilize different hinges), you just need to be careful of clearances against other cabinets, in corners, etc. Here is a guide on how to resize your doors for a larger overlay. Ultimately, the size determinations are up to you, so it is important you understand how to measure for your new doors. One thing you will deal with is getting the doors to match the cabinets. If you are planning on keeping the cabinets the same finish they are now, we are not able to match existing colors. If you order the doors from us painted and paint the boxes to match, the latex paint you use will age at a different rate than the catalyzed conversion varnish we use, so they may not match down the road. The best bet is to either reface the cabinets with veneer or solid material that we sell you in the same finish as the doors or buy everything unfinished and paint/stain it all yourself so you are assured of a good match

  2. Is there generally a price increase associated with any of these overlay styles, or is the inset comparative in pricing?

    1. Hey Anna, thanks for your question! Yes, there are some price differences between the options – these estimations are average increases on the entire job’s pricing.
      Partial (1/2″) Overlay is the least expensive
      Full (1-1/4″) Overlay is typically 1-3% more than Partial Overlay
      Flush Inset is typically 2-4% more than Full Overlay
      Beaded Inset is typically 3-5% more than Full Overlay
      Your Cabinet Coach will be happy to discuss this with you further, if necessary. Have a great day!

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