Yes, we have posted more videos for review! This time, we came at it from the standpoint of a reface. Kitchen refacing is a very viable alternative for folks who do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on full kitchen cabinets when their current cabinets are just fine. A refacing company may want to charge you $8K, $10K or even more to reface a simple kitchen…when you can do it yourself for just a few thousand! Our 10 part video series gives you the basics: How to measure for new doors and drawer boxes, how to install new items, installing veneers, working with the refacer’s face frame molding and much more! Once you take a look at the videos, our hope is that you will realize how simple it is and your fear of undertaking a reface will evaporate!

As usual, we are here to help you through the process, so just give us a call!

Here is a link to the video library where you can scroll down to the ‘Refacing’ section and begin exploring the concept for your own kitchen!

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