This is an important question for you to answer as well…What gets you going in the morning? Hopefully, it’s not money, as it’s been proven to be a poor and short-term motivator! What gets us going is this…each of us daring to make a difference in our world, both in and beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

If our team members were polled (and they were) they would each give different answers. With this in mind, we formed a group within our company called the ‘Giving Team.’ This group is comprised of 5 of our team members who serve on a rotating basis, each with a 2-year term. Their job is to tap into the passions of our Cabinet Joint team. For one person, the ‘Big Why’ might be to eradicate sex trafficking. For another, it may be to support thriving marriages and avoid divorce. For yet another, it may be to prevent the spread of AIDS in developing countries. The Giving Team identifies the individual passions of our team members and then funds their Big Why. How? The owners have committed to pull a fixed and sizable portion of the profits and place them in an account which is managed by this team, not by the owners. The team sets the budget, they pick the individuals and/or organizations to support, and they provide feedback to the rest of the company about how the money is changing lives!  And there’s more to it than just money. The members of the Giving Team have organized service days for our team to serve communities together, side-by-side. They have drilled wells in Africa. They mentor teenaged foster kids on a weekly basis. They have equipped youth with back-to-school supplies. They have worked with orphaned babies in Haiti. You see, we believe that truly being passionate about your ‘Big Why’ involves more than just writing a check. It means being actively involved, believing that you can be used to do great things, and then simply stepping out in faith to do them.

Below is a short but growing list of organizations and ministries we support both financially and through ‘hands-on’ service. You’ll also find links to their websites so you can check them out and learn more. If you have an idea for another organization we might support, we’d love to hear about what it means to you personally!

Founder & Executive Director, Richie Lewis, is a 2004 graduate of Elim Bible Institute where he majored in Bible and minored in Pastoral ministry. He has been involved in inner-city ministry since 2001.

Richie’s passion is to see people enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in everything God has for them. Along with his work at the Capital Area Dream Center, Richie enjoys speaking at various churches and ministry schools, equipping the body of Christ to reach the lost. Richie and his wife Bethany live in Camp Hill PA and have one son, Micah.

A ‘Big Why’ brought to you by Myson:

I advocated for CADC because my friend Richie (we went to the same Bible School) started the CADC in the last year or two. I have gone with him to several outreaches in the city and it has really opened my eyes to all of the needs that still need to be met. CADC exists as a “one-stop shop” for meeting many of those needs in the city of Harrisburg. They throw block parties to distribute food and pray for people, host job skills training, hold prayer meetings, educate people about human trafficking and self-defense, and are even partnering to provide housing for 18 to 24-year-olds who have aged out of the foster care system. This is amazing work!

Marriage can be tough and struggling marriages often need outside help.  Here at Cabinet Joint, we value marriages and the vows that made them, so we sponsor couples who are feeling at the end of their rope.  It doesn’t matter if couples have been married for 50 weeks or 50 years, The Marriage Hub is an organization that comes alongside struggling couples and gives them hope. They provide small group marriage intensives, which are intimate, personalized coaching sessions designed to help couples identify the personal and relational issues confronting their marriage.

Here’s a portion of a testominial from one of the couples Cabinet Joint sponsored:

“The gift of helping us get the help we needed felt like the best Christmas present (aside from Jesus himself) this year. To have hope again; to see that we are worthy of a rebirth; that Christ could bring to life a marriage that in many ways felt dead is nothing short of a miracle.

I hope one day when we are a bit more financially stable to repay this love offering, with our own donation.”

The purpose of CE National is to be a catalyst for all believers to be trained and mobilized to be ON MISSION. This is accomplished through Impacting the Rising Generation, Reaching Neglected People, and Equipping Biblical Leadership.  A person who lives ON MISSION is one who knows Jesus, is becoming like Jesus, shares Jesus, and is helping others be like Jesus!

This ‘Big Why’ brought to you by Bob B.:

We partner with Ed Short who serves alongside churches who have hit a rough patch.  He coaches them to overcome strenuous situations such as board issues, church conflict, pastoral relationships and so much more.  The local church is the hope of the world! We believe that so we support his ministry.

The Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) asked career missionaries Ruth and Irvin Schwandt to start an orphanage. It was the overcrowding and horrendous conditions of the government homes that galvanized Irvin and Ruth Schwandt to provide proper, loving care for Kenya’s abandoned and orphaned children. Rehema Home was founded in 1998—starting with only four children.

Since then Irvin and Ruth have created a dynamic Home where every child is known by name, receives individual attention, and is challenged to fulfill their God-given purpose. Rehema Home is committed to caring for each child, regardless of their health status, by taking them in, providing them with love and instilling in them a hope for a future.

We have heard it from many visitors who have walked through our doors, “You are not an orphanage, you are a Home.”

This ‘Big Why’ brought to you by Myson:

I was given the opportunity to share with our team some information about Rehema Home in Nairobi, Kenya.  My family has had ties with this ministry since it began in 1998 and my parents even visited the home.  Our family has personally sponsored a girl who has been at the home since she was a baby, and she will soon be branching out on her own and going to a Cosmetology/Hair school. This has been her lifelong dream!

I’m happy to say that Cabinet Joint is now supporting the Rehema Home with a monthly donation that covers a portion of the home’s milk bill. It sounds like something so simple, but for children who are malnourished it can get them on track for a new, healthy start.

This 20-bedroom home offers lodging, food, and social support to families of patients receiving treatment for a life-threatening illness in one of their area Charlotte hospitals. Guests are referred by medical personnel and admission is based on house availability.

This ‘Big Why’ brought to you by Brian, Wendy, Bob, & Cindy Long:

On Sept 26, 2018, our (Brian and Bob Long’s) father underwent a ‘routine’ heart surgery. Little did we know that within 48 hours, he almost lost his life. We spent 4 days with him in the ICU praying to God for a miracle, for our Dad, who was otherwise healthy, to stay with us for a few more years. As is always the case, God works amazing miracles even in our darkest hours. One of our miracles was finding the Hospitality House of Charlotte, an organization that housed us right next to the hospital. They fed us, loved us, and catered to us for 4 days while our family spent time at our dad’s bedside. Because the HHOC was only a few blocks away, we did not need to worry about battling traffic or finding parking. We met numerous people who were facing their own trauma due to a loved one being in the hospital and the feeling of camaraderie and love between total strangers was something we will never forget. We were so impressed by them that we became regular supporters of their ministry and even attended a luncheon (where they honored dear old Dad who lived to fight another year) and some of our team who live in the Charlotte area regularly help with meals and other activities. Below is a pic of Brian, Bob, their Mom and Dad and Bob’s wife, Cindy, at the luncheon in Charlotte (Oct 30, 2018).

Journey is a mentoring ministry founded by our owner, Brian Long. It focuses on reaching out to young men who have not had the privilege of having a solid father or male role model and calling them into a vibrant relationship with other men who can walk beside them through life’s challenges.

Our Mission: To teach and model authentic manhood while using epic outdoor adventures in God’s creation as the catalyst for life change.

Our vision: To make the hearts of men come alive and watch them change their world.

Our core values are:

  1. Every man bears God’s image and His adventurous spirit. 
  2. Every man has a greater purpose.
  3. Every man has value, regardless of their past.
  4. Every Man needs other men in their lives.
  5. Every man bears a warrior’s heart 

Learn more about this exciting new ministry here!

This ‘Big Why’ is brought to you by Brian Long:

I was privileged to have an incredible father. But, I have also been a witness to countless men who are still struggling even as adults to cope with the wounds left by their own unloving or absent dad. I have also seen how God’s awesome creation can open up a man’s spirit. I have seen grown men openly weeping at a campfire within the safety of a group of other men, unpacking their hurts and struggles in a way that they simply cannot when they are ‘back in society’. My goal with Journey is to give every young man a ‘band of brothers’ he can do life with as he challenges himself to be more and to live into the true identity God has placed within him.

Foursquare Missions International recruits, trains, and deploys workers around the world to take the Gospel to unreached and under-reached people. They have missionaries and workers currently serving in 136 countries! We hope you will partner with us in our goal to take the whole Gospel to the whole world, until all have heard.

This ‘Big Why’ brought to you by Bob & Cindy Long:

The ‘Big Why’ for us is all about kids, specifically those that are hurting in some way.  One of the many ministries of FMI helps support children in the rural areas of Myanmar by providing Christian education, food and shelter. Our Giving team is presently supporting two previously homeless girls (ages 11 and 13) who are now being given an opportunity to attend school and live in the safety of a loving home run by the ministry.

Ordinary Hero is an organization we support on her behalf whose mission is to partner with impoverished communities, advocate for the vulnerable, and empower ordinary people to change the life of a child in need. Check out this video to learn more!

Video Thumbnail

Ordinary Hero 2016 promo

This ‘Big Why’ is brought to you by Angie Baxter:
Angie Baxter is one of our talented designers and has adopted several children from Ethiopia, so her ‘big why’ is definitely rooted in helping the people, especially the children, of this impoverished nation! She has an obvious vested interest and the poverty and malnourishment that is commonplace over there breaks her and her husband Brad’s heart.

Unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, but at Morning Star, women get answers to their questions about pregnancy, abortion, and their options. They can talk through their personal situation with a counselor and receive pregnancy confirmation with a free ultrasound exam.

Morning Star has been a preferred resource for pregnant women in the Harrisburg area since 1972. They believe every woman deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in a loving, safe environment.

Morningstar offers the following services to their community:

  • Lab quality pregnancy tests
  • Ultrasound exams
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Abortion information (procedures, risks and alternatives)
  • Community referrals and material support

This ‘Big Why’ is brought to you by Myson Mosemann:
Myson has a passion for children…he has 7 of them himself! We support his big why because women and children matter! Women deserve to hear all their options when considering their unborn child and the child deserves no less than to have his/her mother make a wise choice concerning their right to live.

Sarah Hungerford, one of our talented designers, grew up going to Miracle Mountain Ranch and later serving during the summer as a camp leader. As a company, we have helped the Ranch with cabinet needs as well!

Miracle Mountain Ranch is a non-denominational, non-profit, Christ-centered ministry where evangelism and discipleship are modeled through structured teaching, training, and life experience by qualified staff. For more than 50 years, MMR has been striving to uphold a strong spiritual emphasis in all aspects of a well-balanced program.

We Do Missions Trips!

Brian Fleming’s Trip to Uganda

In 2017 My wife Barb and I traveled to Uganda, Africa to work at an orphanage for young girls. This part of Africa has one of largest populations of orphaned children, primarily because of AIDS. After raising 4 children of our own we wanted to reach out to children who do not have families and help supply some basic needs. Housing, food, clothing, and education are often taken for granted here in our home towns, but in Uganda these things are not a common fact of life. , are the exception. Most children do not enjoy these basic needs and live without them unless someone steps up to help. Our dollars go a very long way to helping orphaned children have these most basic needs met. Delivering support to the children ourselves ensures that the resources go directly to children in need and do not get hung up in administrative costs or corruption. This mission brings us great joy and allows us to share the love and joy of Christ with them at the same time.

Myson’s Trip to the Dominican Republic

I felt called to go to Dominican Republic because it allowed me to introduce Missions to my 12-year-old daughter.  I have gone on many mission trips to Latin America and I’ve always felt called there because I appreciate the language, the people, and the culture.  Our church sends a team of 5th and 6th graders there every year (with adults of course!) so we jumped on board for the 2018 trip. Our main focus was children’s outreach:  Bible lessons, testimonies, songs (in Spanish), puppet shows, skits, crafts, etc. My daughter said her favorite part about the trip was traveling to different churches and meeting children of all ages. She loved to see their big smiles when we arrived. Below are some pics of my family and I enjoying the beautiful people of the DR!

Mark & Laurie’s Trip to Haiti


Mark and I took two of our daughters down to “God’s Littlest Angels” orphanage in Petionville, Haiti during the month of July 2018. There were 45 Haitian children living there while patiently waiting for a loving home. This was a precious experience for the four of us as we lived with and served alongside the children and the people who run this amazing organization. I hope they were as blessed by us as we were by them! Here is our family at the Orphanage!

Bob Long’s Disaster Recovery with OBI.

Bob Long



Operation Blessing International (OBI) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world. With the support of our generous partners, Operation Blessing provides strategic relief on an ongoing basis through core programs such as disaster relief, health and medical care, hunger relief, vulnerable children and orphan care, safe water, and community development.

Along with our faithful supporters, we put a special emphasis on not only providing physical relief to those in immediate need, but also equipping them with new knowledge to create sustainable solutions to combat poverty. Operation Blessing and our partners are devoted to being God’s hands and feet in the world. We’re committed to listening to the needs of each community we serve, instead of telling them what we think they need, addressing the core issues behind poverty, rather than only treating the symptoms.

Bob says: “As an employee of the Cabinet Joint, I am able to pursue my big why using my abilities in the area of reconstruction. Recently, my wife Cindy and I were able to join Operation Blessing for 18 days in Panama City Beach Florida doing Disaster Relief for the victims of Hurricane Michael.”

Brian Long’s trip to Scotland, July of 2019

On July 8th 2019, Brian and his daughter McKenzie (as well as 21 other devoted folks from their church in Gettysburg, PA) traveled to West Kilbride, Scotland to assist the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) base refurbish some of their run-down rooms. They scraped and sanded, and painted a huge dining hall and also refurbished staff and guest bathrooms. The building was an old 1800’s building that was in urgent need of repair. To learn more about what YWAM does, click here!

Check out some pictures and videos of our trip!!

The bathroom remodel:

Here is a “before” shot of the three rusting showers. The paint in the bathroom was also peeling horrifically.

Then Brian and Chuck tore it apart…

Then we put it back together and turned it into this!

Meanwhile, the painting team took an old dining room that looked like this…

And turned it into this (a video complete with screaming and appreciative YWAM staff/guests who are loving their new dining room)

Video Thumbnail

Dining movie

We also washed cars and did landscaping…

But we did have some fun too! Here is a pic of a castle we visited on the Scottish shoreline…

Here is a picture of our full team, each one a hard-working and dedicated servant devoted to the betterment of the people around them…

Sarah Hungerford’s trip to Costa Rica

In August of 2019, Sarah and her husband went to Guatemala with a team to serve alongside Believe Guatemala, a non-profit Christian organization.  The focus of the trip was creating concrete floors for five families that live in a dump community located near Guatemala City’s dump. The homes are constructed out of scrap material with dirt floors which can be unsafe during rainy seasons and cause health issues. Creating the concrete floors was the first outreach Believe Guatemala has done in this specific community.

Sarah Says:

“I am so thankful that we were able to bless these hard-working families and share with them that our heart was to help them by providing a solid foundation for their home and families. Similarly, we wanted to share God’s love to them and show that He is the foundation that our lives should rest on. The heart of Believe Guatemala is to eradicate all forms of poverty through God’s grace and love, by providing opportunities for education, spiritual growth, health and psychological services, and community outreach programs to impoverished communities in Guatemala. This was my third trip to Guatemala and it is exciting to see God’s work through this organization and the growth in the communities.”