Wall cabinet assembly video showing how to read your cabinet label, installation of inset hinge brackets, etc.

ATTN: OVERLAY CUSTOMERS! skip section from 2:45 to 6:30

7 thoughts on “Wall Cabinet Assembly – Updated Fall 2020

  1. i have my cabinets here …i am trying to find out how i am suppose to shim the top of the wall cabinet in order to install it. is there a video that covers that?

  2. I think it would be helpful to mention in this basic assembly video that if you have inset doors, be sure to install the hinges before assembling the box. I have assembled all of my cabinets and am ready to install drawer fronts and doors, and learned it would have been 95% easier to install hinges before assembling the box! VERY important tidbit of knowledge. It will be interesting seeing a 250 lb man squeeze into a 12″ wide base cabinet to pilot hole hinge screws! Any suggestions for us who may have built cabinets first?

    1. We have a dozen or more assembly videos which were all shot at different times to show basic assembly. We put the inset specific videos in their own category and talk extensively about this issue of installing the hinges first. As we reshoot assembly videos, we may add these additional comments, but it is nearly impossible to cover all permutations of an assembly in a short video which is why we decided to put the ‘inset specific’ things in their own video category. We agree that it is frustrating that Conestoga does not add this info to their own assembly instructions, but since this product is really aimed at cabinet shops, they determined it as not necessary. Ugh. As the only reseller with a video library, we do our best to cover the bases and are always adding to and improving the videos, but occasionally we miss some things and try to comment on them when we reshoot. Its an evolving library of videos, to be sure! I would suggest you contact your sales rep for some assistance on your specific issue.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for removing the overspray from the dovetails. The top and bottom panels will not slide into the side panels, even with a good bit of hammering with the rubber mallet. I suspect paint used for the interior of these glass door cabinets has changed the dimension of the joint.

    1. Hey Tim, I don’t see a project you might have purchased from us, but maybe I am just not seeing it. Perhaps you purchased these elsewhere? If so, I urge you to contact the company you purchased from. If you did buy from us and I am just not seeing the project in our CRM, absolutely give your sales rep a call and they can surely help you out!!

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