Using a wainscot door panel as a decorative backsplash

Video Transcript

A really neat thing here with the backsplash. We get a lot of questions from customers. Oh, what do I do about a backsplash? I don't want to do tile. I don't want sheetrock. What Jim did here was order a wainscot panel. When we talk about wainscot panels with Conestogs, we're not talking about beaded plywood. We're talking about a door panel that's any size you want with as many raised areas or panel areas as you desire. In this case Jim sized it for a one inch oak counter top.

What's kind of neat about this story is I actually take the oak from a tree on the property and make the top out of it, which is kind of a neat side story. But the top will slide right up underneath this panel. The panel is beaded to kind of pick up the tighter beading on the bottom, and it's really going to look sharp when we're all done here. Kind of ties the top ad the bottom in.

A couple other things I want to kind of note on this, this is a really wide cabinet, and so that we don't have two front frames married up here. We've kind of covered this is some other videos. Jim did a nice wide, I want to say 72 inch wide cabinet, and he did it as one big front frame. It's just one individual framed member between each of the doors, so it's really a terrific look and looks like a really high end custom cabinet, which it is. He also put the door bumper pads on top and bottom of these taller cabinets to prevent the door from bowing in or warping in any way, so everything's nice and clean, very farmhouse-y, and a terrific look.

You can see he carried the beading at the bottom, but left the top panels a little less busy, left them unbeaded so we've got a little bit of differential going on there. The whole thing just kind of draw together, and with that oak top it's going to look fabulous. So this video is really just to show you some design ideas. It's not to highlight any one thing, but take it to heart. See what you can do in your kitchen.

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