An overview of some of our toe kick options including standard toe, flush toe, arched valance toe and furniture feet.

8 thoughts on “Toe Kick Options

  1. If you get a flush toe end for the base cabinet how do you finish the corner with molding so that you don’t see the toe kick end? And without using a faux foot?

    1. If you order a flush toe, there is no toe notch in the cabinet side, the side of the cabinet goes to floor as well.

  2. Hi. My name is Denine. I had a Island from Home Depot but my contractor built a wall behind it and it messed with wrapping my mullion door cabinet end caps being wrapped now at my end caps of the island there are toe kick areas and I hate it. He already laid the vinyl flooring and he wrapped a quarter round floor molding under there (toe kick area). I like the idea that you have in your video of putting decorative feet under there to dress it up. Can you please help me. Thank you.

  3. Hi – I’ve got a floor cabinet that doesn’t entirely cover over the air register, there’s still half the air register exposed when the cabinet is placed. Is there a particular way to address this?

    1. Best bet is to either order the cabinets deeper, order them with a flush toe kick and then put the register in the flush toe or move the duct backward into the footprint of a standard base cabinet.

  4. Hi, we installed our island and our floor slopes. We made the island level but now that we are putting the toe kick on it looks a bit awkward as we needed to cut it where to flooring is higher. The difference in height from one side to the other is 1/4 of an inch. Do you have any advice to help make it look better or do we need to ignore it and move on?

    1. I cant seem to locate an order from you with us and without knowing the details of your cabinets I cannot answer with complete certainty, but it sure seems you could use some simple shoe molding. I would contact who you purchased from with this question.

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