Brian explains cabinet assembly for a refrigerator tall cabinet.
The shelf may need to be installed during assembly depending on the upper opening height and cabinet depth
Inset Step: 4:28 – 7:28

4 thoughts on “Refrigerator Tall Cabinet Assembly (RTB) Updated Fall 2022

  1. I just bought this refrigerator and would like a cabinet for it. Can you give me a quote for this?

    I would like to attach the double door cabinets on top of the fridge and a single door cabinet on the right of the fridge.
    There is currently a tall pantry to the left of this fridge. This one

    1. We can certainly process a quote for you, but we would need the quote submitted through our ‘get a quote’ menu/process on our web site. You would want to select one of our door styles/colors as we, like other cabinet companies, have our colors and door designs as a means of setting our product apart from others. If you need the doors/color to match what you have now, you would be better to request the cabinets from the cabinet maker who supplied your current ones. Also, on the fridge top cabinet, we would need the exact cabinet size you need (width, height and depth). We cannot derive the cabinet size for you from the fridge size as we dont know or have access to the other variables (ceiling height, adjacent cabinet height, etc).

      Once we see the quote request come through, we can certainly process the quote for you. You can either submit drawings/sketches of the cabinets/sizes you need or a simple cabinet list with door/wood/finish/option selections indicated. Either method works just fine for us. Thanks!

  2. This cabinet comes with a shelf. The assembly video doesn’t tell you to install the shelf during the build. How do you get the shelf into the cabinet

    1. I would suggest you contact the company you purchased the cabinets from for support and they can assist you.

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