Brian describes how to install the mixer lift unit.
This storage unit is only available for base full-door cabinets and the minimum recommended cabinet width is 18″. We recommend measuring your mixer and working with your cabinet coach to size the cabinet correctly.

2 thoughts on “Mixer Lift Unit Updated Fall 2022

  1. I have a 32” sink base cabinet that I’m using for an induction burner (so it’s relatively shallow – well above the false fronts of the sink base). What I’m looking for is a lift for an Oster oven, 22 w 14 d 13 h. Since the sink base is not a “full opening” cabinet (having a false front panel), do you make a lift that would work? It obviously doesn’t/can’t be high when pulled out/extended/locked, I’m only looking to get it out and up as high as I can, when in use.

    1. Rhue – all interior storage items like this are outsourced. This mixer lift is supplied by Rev-A-Shelf: It is only recommended for full door standard height cabinets. You may be able to install in a cabinet as you described but we can not guarantee that/override the manufacturer recommendations.

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