Installing Divider Panels in vanity combination cabinets (optional step)

7 thoughts on “Installing Sink Divider Panels in Vanity Combo Cabinets (optional step)

  1. Thanks Brian-had this specific question yesterday and reviewed this video. Answered all questions.
    Looks like you’re doing well.

  2. I installed the divider panels as shown in the video. Perhaps Blum has redesigned the rear mounts for the drawer glides, but I found that the divider panel now interferes with the outer flange on the rear mount. Rather than trim the mount by 1/3, I used an oscillating saw to open up an L-shaped slot in the panel so that the mount could be correctly spaced and line up with the pre-drilled holes in the back panel. Not a great solution, but it worked.

    1. Hey Douglas, Thank you for your inquiry! It sounds like your solution would work out just fine. The alternate, and perhaps assumed, installation method would be to forego the ‘L’ brackets altogether. As shown in this video, you can attach the drawer glide directly to the cabinet (or divider) side, and/or if the cabinet configuration requires the divider panel to be justified to the other side of the face frame stile, you could simply use some wood blocks to span the gap and mount the glide directly to the spacer block. Thx!

  3. I attached the panels through the back of the vanity with brad nails, then used the drawer slides themselves as attachment clips for the front and bottom edges of the panels. It’s sturdy and it’s clean.

  4. How would you mount the panels if you have drawers in the center with inset doors and drawers? Slide brackets and hinges interfere.

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