Installing Light Rail Molding

Installing Light Rail Molding

A video that discusses light rail moldings, door clearances and demonstrates installation of the molding

4 thoughts on “Installing Light Rail Molding

  1. You say to use a 1”pin nail to install light rail molding but what gauge nail?? I am installing Maple light rail

    1. Hey Jennifer, Thank you for your question. We typically recommend using 18 gauge or 23 gauge (pin nailer) when possible to minimize the nail head visibility. For general cabinet assembly, 1″ nails are typically fine to use since there is wood glue that is going to do most of the ‘holding’ work. For trim/molding installation, you’ll likely want to use longer nails, maybe 1-1/2″, just depends on the application. Have a great day!

  2. What did you use to notch out the face frame before installing the light rail? I want to make sure I am not causing damage to the cabinet.

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