Installing a drawer front in an inset application – differs slightly than overlay applications

7 thoughts on “Installing a Drawer Front – Inset Cabinetry

  1. So you leave the double sided foam tape in when you attach the drawer front? Does it compress enough that it doesn’t leave a gap? Or do you remove it once the screws have been seated (and of course removed to eliminate the tape)?

    1. Yes. It is only about 1/32″ thick anyway, but compresses as well. Does it leave a gap? Sure, but not one any of our customers has complained about, even the ones we do in our own shop for our assemblies. But, our method is only a suggestion. You are more than welcome to devise a way that works for you and leaves no gap. But, we will say that this is BY FAR the easiest to implement and we live with any small gap. Try and see if you like it and if not, come up with a way that works for you!

      By the way, the tape stays on. Pulling it off would just add time/mess and reintroduce the issue of lining up the drawer front which the tape solved in the first place.

  2. Great idea, thank you. I went to buy foam tape but picked up carpet tape instead – it worked perfectly for this was much thinner than foam tape. I used duck brand ‘high traffic’ carpet tape, and used a strip on each side of the cabinet.

    1. Hey Ricky, I’m glad that you had good success with the carpet tape! I can see how that type of product could solve the small ‘gap’ issue with the two-sided foam style tape that we typically use (and recommend). Thanks for your comment and recommendation!!

  3. Our drawer fronts appear to be leaning back at the top. We installed the angled pieces to the back of the cabinets where the pilots were drilled. Is there a solution that doesn’t involve moving all of the back brackets in all of the already built cabinets? I see the side to side and depth adjustment options, but what about options for plumbing the drawers???

    1. Hey John – thank you for your question. We have a different video that discusses this topic exactly: Adjusting Blum Tandem Drawer Glides
      If you need any further assistance, your Cabinet Coach will be happy to assist you. Have a great day!

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