A video describing what to order to achieve finished cabinet bottoms that match your cabinet exteriors.

6 thoughts on “Finished Wall Cabinet Bottoms

    1. Yes, it can, it’s just a piece of plywood and some light rail molding. It is typical to do this after install anyway so that you don’t have seams where the plywood meets under the wall cabinets, you can do it in longer sheets. One of our Cabinet Coaches would be happy to walk you through the process!

  1. I have already installed hanging cabinets that all the bottoms are unfinished and would like to finish .

    I live in Lackawaxen, Pa 18435 and would like to know if you have a showroom or sales people available in my area or local ?

    1. We do not work on existing cabinets in the home. We do not have any sales reps local and this work does not really fit our company scope. You would be better trying to locate a local finisher who can do the work for you.

    1. Michael – the profile tools used for all products are custom made and proprietary designs by Conestoga Wood Specialties.

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