2 thoughts on “Edge Profiles & Framing Beads

  1. What if your doing standard overlay doors. Can you put the L686 bead detail along the edge of the door to simulate inset doors?

    1. There is an edge profile option to have a bead on the edge of the door, but it is a premium edge and ends up driving the cost on overlay up to or even over the cost of actual beaded inset cabinets. To make matters worse, the look of two doors coming together (as they do on any double door cabinet) looks ‘poor’ with the two beaded profiles coming together so closely. If you are after a beaded inset look, it is advisable to just do beaded inset cabinets and forgo the beaded edge. We rarely do that edge on overlay any more since beaded inset became available at such a reasonable price through Conestoga.

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