Filler column assembly and descriptions of how they are used

4 thoughts on “Base/Tall Filler Column (BFC/WFC/TFC) Description and Assembly

  1. Purchased a couple of these to support an island overhang.
    How would I install these to a pony wall located between the filler columns and the “sink side” of the island since the column does not have a back panel ?

    1. Hey Daniel, Thanks for your question. You could affix these to a pony wall a few different ways, but I would recommend attaching a block to the wall surface and, since the back of the BFC is open, you then slide it over the block and affix it through the sides of the filler column. Just be mindful if either/both of the filler columns’ sides will be exposed to determine the least visible way to screw/nail the column in place. Feel free to reach out to your sales rep directly if you would like more clarification. Have a great day!

  2. Can you use 84-94”Tall Filler on either side of an integrated refrigerator? Would assume you would then mount a regular cabinet (eg 12-24” tall upper) above the refrigerator and perhaps attach the Tall Fillers to either side of cabinet.

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