A video devoted to showing the basics of assembly for a pie cut cabinet. Note the shelves/susans are installed DURING the assembly!

3 thoughts on “Base Lazy Susan (BLS) & Wall Corner Pie Cut (WPC) Assembly

  1. Please change this video to note that when attaching the lazy Susan to the shelf you do not want to “center” the lazy Susan on the shelf. (1:15 or so on this video) You want to shift it toward the back of the cabinet. I centered mine and when I went to attach the 170 degree hinges, I found that the hinges interfered with the rotation of the bottom shelf. Big hassle to change this once the cabinet is built and installed in place.

    1. Thank you for your comments on this. The video in question does not really address the installation of the susans on the trays, so our intention is to shoot a support video for this process and then point viewers to this video to support the susan installation. Once that video is shot, we will amend this video with a corresponding note. Thanks again!

  2. We have done it both ways and like ours, but either will work. It’s really up to you! There are lots of things we do very differently than they show simply because we have found it to be easier or more efficient over the years of assembling these. Does not make our way right or theirs wrong, just different methods. Take a look at each and see which works for you.

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