A look at the tools and materials needed to build a typical Conestoga RTA cabinet

8 thoughts on “Assembly Tools & Materials: What you need

      1. We do not use screws in the cabinet backs any longer. Our assembly guy thought it was overkill and added nothing. We just use conestoga’s pin and glue method. 3 years now with no issues!

  1. In this video you talk about brad nailer and 1″, 18 gauge brads, however on one of your more recent videos, you state you have gone to the narrow crown staples in 18 gauge. So, can either be used?

    1. Hey Duane, thanks for your comment/question. Yes, you can certainly use either. Wood glue is going to hold the cabinet together, so the brads/staples are just helping to keep everything in place for the glue to set.

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