We worked with ChampagneChaos.com on a custom RTA modern dining room makeover for their home. While they originally were going to source other cabinets for their project, they were influenced by a friend to try us out. They worked with our Design Team on their built ins, finalized their design, ordered samples, and finally worked with a Cabinet Coach to place their RTA cabinets order.

You can read more about their DIY/RTA process here and see more great photos: https://champagnechaos.com/modern-dining-room-makeover-with-ready-to-assemble-cabinetry/

2 thoughts on “Modern Dining Room Makeover Featured On ChampagneChaos.com!

  1. Hi – i’m interested in your veneered walnut slab cabinets. What I wanted to know was whether the carcasses associated w/ the cabinets were plywood or also veneereed MDF? It’s imporant to me to get ply, so wanted to check to see if I should pursue further. thanks

    1. The cabinet boxes are plywood (depending on where the plywood is coming from due to tight supply chain issues right now, there may be a layer of MDF in the plys on the flush end cabinets where the thicker 3/4″ plywood is used, but its at mostly plywood. Some manufacturers add a thin later of MDF to keep the board flat and allow it to be machined easier. The point is, the industry still qualifies this type of material as “plywood” since the majority of the material is wood veneer). In the case of walnut, you would receive a 1/4″ piece of walnut veneer that you would apply to the cabinet side for any finished sides.

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