Have you recently purchased Conestoga cabinets? Tell us what you thought about the assembly! What tips and tricks can you share with other users? Let out your ‘inner craftsman’ and tell our site visitors what you learned!

8 thoughts on “Tell us about your Conestoga experience!

  1. Brian Long is an owner dedicated to making a concept come together. I required Brian to explain everything from designing, building and installing a large kitchen project. He never hesitated to patiently guide me through the process – believe me, this can be essential to be able to complete a project. If you’ve decided to purchase Conestoga products this is “the joint” to pick. This recommendation comes from an individual living on the other side of the continent way up north in Whistler, B.C. Canada!

    1. Thanks, Manj! It was a great project to be a part of. I never cease to be amazed at how incredibly patient and fun to work with our neighbors to the north can be to work with! Must be something in the water up there in Canada that makes you all so pleasurable! Thanks again for the business and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon.

  2. As a former professional Kitchen and Bath designer, I’m so glad I listened to Brian and paid the extra for Conestoga cabinets; they are truly superior to anything coming out of China, The quality is obvious to see and I’m getting rave reviews from my relatives and friends who have seen my new Kitchen. Cabinet makers will love this concept too. It is almost impossible to make cabinets in your shop that rival Conestoga’s quality and the almost endless possibilities for customization allow the most discerning customer to get the ” Especially Made for Me ” custom look. I got inset doors with beaded face frames that would have been totally cost prohibitive any other way. It was very easy to follow the instructions and only took us minutes to assemble the cabinets. We found bar clamps to be helpful to avoid too much banging with the rubber mallet, that is all I have to offer by way of advice. I am very very impressed with Brian, who was very knowledgeable, and Conestoga. Thanks, John.

    1. Thanks John! It was a pleasure working with you and we thank you very much for the ‘Carla C’ referral. Her kitchen shipped yesterday. I know she is excited!

      Take care.

  3. We could not be happier with our kitchen cabinets and design. We worked with Annie for the design. With her help, everything fit like it should. Brian Long helped us with everything else and believe me, we needed help. He could not have been more responsive, kind and knowledgeable. There were some things damaged in shipping and there was no hassle getting them replaced in a very timely manner. We had taken pictures right when they were still on the truck and had the delivery guy noted it on the shipping invoice. Then once we got into everything, we found a few other issues but they were taken care of quickly as well. I can’t tell you how important that piece of the puzzle is. We will work with Brian again soon when we have him build some under bed storage for us. Looking forward to that. I will send pictures of the kitchen once the tile back splash is done. Thanks again for everything Brian. Rich and Jeanne

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Jeanne & Rich! Your project was a blast to work on and I would LOVE to see some finished pics of it. I know there were a few small hiccups (wrong hinges, etc), but for a pretty complicated job, seemed pretty clean. You guys being pretty savvy and handy certainly helped! I really look forward to working with you again and I wanted to say thanks for the referral (I believe your relative or friend C Smith worked with us on a project recently, but he worked with Jim Barton, one of our sales guys. I spoke with him on the phone and he said you referred him. Jim said he has been such a gentleman to work with!).

      Take care!

  4. Good day,
    Thank you for all your informative videos. There is one topic, I may have missed, however. Have you done a video on topcoats?
    How much of a difference is there, in terms of durability and appearance, between polyurethane, conversion varnish et al? Does the substrate (stained or painted), make any difference in determining the selection of topcoat? Thanks and regards,

    1. Hey Edith, Thanks for your question. We don’t have any videos that go into much detail regarding the topcoats as Conestoga uses a catalyzed conversion varnish on all of their finished products (both painted and stained). This website link below does a good job explaining the differences and possible applications for the different types that are out there:
      https://pittsburghsprayequip.com/blogs/pittsburgh-spray-equipment-company/lacquer-vs-varnish-vs-shellac-vs-polyurethane-vs-conversion-varnish-wood-finishing – Have a great day!

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