X Side Panels



  • This is a 1″ thick panel and CANNOT be used with the standard Prep False Side option on Conestoga’s cabinets. Instead, use a custom extended stile and extend it an additional 3/4″ (creates a 1-1/6″ extension, allowing enough room to shim the panel flush with your face frame)
  • X Side decorative panels are available as both open frame and with a plywood center panel. If using the open version, be sure to order your cabinet with a finished side as this side is what shows through the open areas of the frame.
  • The X Side overlay has numerous applications including: single panel wall and base end panel overlays, double panel upright refrigerator end panel overlays, and 2 and 3-panel side by side wainscot panel overlays.
  • Stiles, top rail and diagonal cross members are 3″ wide, bottom rail is 6″ wide. All exterior framing can be modified in width, but diagonal cross members are fixed at 3″ in width.


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