• The CWS-10446 is a true louver door, emulating the look of shutters. These doors are complicated to build and fairly expensive, which makes them best used as accent pieces. These are not intended to be used as household interior doors such as on closets, etc!

The cross-section below is an example of how your door will look, but any profiles you choose will determine the final look of your door.

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Edge Profiles: All profiles available
Framing Beads: None – design specific, no options.
Panels Raises: None – design specific, no options


Mullion/Frame only Doors: No
Wainscot Panels: Yes
Pegs and Grooves: No
Appliance Panels: Yes
Door Frame Modifications: No
Hinges/Hinge Boring: Yes – Hinge boring is automatic when ordered with RTA cabinets, but no hinging can be requested. If ordering doors only, hinging must be specified.


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