The CRP-90 is a tall cathedral door that creates a Victorian elegance in your home. The tall arch is achieved by using lumber core plywood in the headrail to allow for stability and ensure no splitting in the headrail will occur. While highly popular in the 60’s and 70’s, this design lost favor as the clean-lined, chiseled look of Shaker and Arts & Crafts styles took over. Despite this fact, it is an impressive door that makes a ‘custom cabinet’ statement in your home.

Cross-section below is an example only. Profiles you may choose will affect final look.




Door Design CRP90
Panel Raise Slant
Framing Bead Elite
Edge Profile L-149
Specie Standard Hard Maple
Finish Chestnut
Drawer Front Design #10
Drawer Front Panel Raise Design Specific

Available Profiles

Edge Profiles:All
Framing Beads:All
Panels Raises:All except Louis XIII, P106 and P602
Available Profiles PDF

Available Design Options

Mullion/Frame only Doors:Yes
Wainscot Panels:Yes
Pegs and Grooves:Yes
Appliance Panels:Yes
Door Frame Modifications:Yes
Hinges/Hinge Boring:Yes - Hinge boring is automatic when ordered with RTA cabinets, but no hinging can be requested. If ordering doors only, hinging must be specified.
Design Options PDF

Available Drawer Fronts