The CRP-6060 is simply a double arched version of the CRP-60 flat-topped arch door. The result is that narrow or wide doors have the same flat top whereas, on arched doors such as CRP-3030, the arch becomes more or less pronounced as the door width changes.

Cross-section below is an example only. Profiles you may choose will affect final look.

Available Profiles

Edge Profiles:All
Framing Beads:All
Panels Raises:All
Available Profiles PDF

Available Design Options

Mullion/Frame only Doors:Yes
Wainscot Panels:Yes
Pegs and Grooves:Yes
Appliance Panels:Yes
Door Frame Modifications:Yes
Hinges/Hinge Boring:Yes - Hinge boring is automatic when ordered with RTA cabinets, but no hinging can be requested. If ordering doors only, hinging must be specified.
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Available Drawer Fronts