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Customer Reviews

5 stars

David W – July 31, 2018

Ben Lance was outstanding to work with. He thoroughly reviewed my plans, made sure I sized all doors/draw fronts appropriately and guided me towards the door style that best fit our needs.

5 stars

Peter S – April 20, 2018

I have already recommended Cabinet Joint (CJ) to my neighbor who is now in process of getting a cabinet. Anyway, I have done my DIY kitchen remodel — never done this before. Jim at CJ walked me thru the process of selecting all cabinet components and filled in details based on experience. He advised me with the installation (example: on how to attach the end peninsula cabinet to the floor so it would not move if I lean against it). All cabinet dimensions were accurate and the whole order arrived complete to the last pin holding a shelf. Also, Online videos are great! I conclude that Cabinet Joint is very reliable organization.

5 stars

Dottie P – July 25, 2018

Fantastic I had a great salesperson it helped me through every process. Could not ask for a better company to deal with. Will be buying again.