This video is an update to our recent filler pull out video. It shows how these units CAN be used at the end of a cabinet run.

2 thoughts on “Pull Out Filler Rack at End of a Cabinet Run

  1. Mentioned in the video is how to attach the end panel and materials needed. I have a 3″ and an 8″ filler pull out that I need to attach end panels. Could you let me now what is required and a short version of how to? I just made cabinets but needed to have these to pullouts and did not have the space to have full cabinets with pullouts to fit inside the cabinets.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Bill, please kindly contact your cabinet joint sales rep for support. We are unable to find your order from us, so we are assuming you placed your cabinet order elsewhere, in which case you would be best served by contacting your supplier for support. Thanks!

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