Mounting drawer fronts to drawer boxes – easy and effortless with double backed tape!

4 thoughts on “Mounting the Drawer Front to the Drawer Box

  1. You note 1/2-inch spacing between the drawer front and the cabinet door, but what about all-drawer cabinets? What should the ideal spacing be between the drawers? Also, should the bottom drawer front align with the bottom of the cabinet box like the the doors do?

    1. 1/2″ between drawer fronts and the bottom of the drawer should line up with the bottom of the door, so it should be flush to the bottom of the cabinet as well. You can vary the overlays if you want (for instance, if you have a base molding that needs to be taller than your 4″ toe kick, you can hold the doors/drawer fronts up a little bit from the bottom of the cabinet). There is an overlay guide picture in our download section here…

  2. Here’s an idea: do this video with a base of just drawers, no door. It adds some complexity to line everything up.

    1. Actually, because you start at the bottom and the bottom drawer is flush with the bottom of the frame, you just use the same 1/2” spacer between the bottom drawer and mid drawer and then mid drawer and top drawer. It does not make it markedly more difficult and it’s the same basic concept. We are actually working on a new way to install the fronts though and will shoot a new video on it soon .

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