Shop the DIY Cabinet Products We Use

We’ve been building and installing Conestoga cabinets for more than 15 years. In that time we’ve found that we use and recommend certain products again and again. In fact, you may recognize some of these items from our helpful videos.

We hope that having these in one place makes it easy for you to find what you need. Plus, we’ll make a small commission when you use these links for your Amazon purchase.

EZ Level Cabinet Leveling System

Some Cabinet Joint customers have found great success using the EZ Level Cabinet Leveling System. Whether you’re in an older home with uneven floors or just looking to save time, this system can be a great option in place of traditional shims. (Tip: You can share your Cabinet Joint design with them to speed up the process!)

EZ Level

“The product is fantastic. They responded quickly and professionally to my questions (which I later realized were all answered in the instructions). I would recommend them to anyone installing cabinets without hesitation.”
— John S. (Cabinet Joint customer)


Screws & Fasteners

  • Drawer Front Screw
    Our 'go to' screw for mounting the drawer front to the drawer box.

  • Cabinet Install Screw
    Perfect screw for mounting cabinet to the wall.

  • Cabinet to Cabinet Screw
    We love this for screwing the cabinet face frames together. Trim head leaves almost no marring of face frame.

  • Door Bumpers
    DONT buy these at Lowes ($3 for 12 bumpers!). This is a great deal on a great door bumper.

  • 18g Brads, 1-1/4"
    Perfect brads for all cabinet assembly shown in our videos.

  • Organizing Cups
    Any cup will work!

Hinges & Hardware

  • Blum 1-1/4" Overlay hinge (1 piece)
    Order just a hinge at a time. Same hinge we sell with our cabinets

  • Blum 1/2" Overlay hinge (1 piece)
    Order just a hinge at a time. Same hinge we sell with our cabinets

  • Blum 170 Degree Pie Cut Hinge For Inset
    Use instead of the hinge/bracket that comes with your inset cabinets (which only opens 110 degrees). See our video on this hinge in our video library. Conestoga does not supply this hinge.

  • Salice Pie Cut Hinge
    For use on door designs where the soss hinge will not work for joining doors. Need hinge plate too!

  • Salice Pie Cut Hinge Plate
    For use on door designs where the soss hinge will not work for joining doors. Need hinge too!

  • Blum Hinge Restrictor Clip
    Restricts blum overlay hinges from opening beyond 90 degrees. Ideal for situations where door opens into a wall or deep cabinet, rubs adjacent cabinet door, etc.

  • Blum PlateMate Jig
    We use this jig all the time! A huge time saver and well worth the price if you're doing a full kitchen or multiple cabinet projects.

Power Tools

  • Senco Compressor
    Small, lightweight compressor and a great value!

  • 18g Senco Brad Gun
    Not top of the line, but a very serviceable brad gun for a reasonable price.

  • Senco Compressor/18g Brad Gun Combo
    Save money on the Compressor and Brad gun by buying as a kit. Comes with the hose & safety glasses.

  • DeWalt Table Saw
    Perfect job site table saw for ripping fillers, mitering panels, etc. Comes with a stand. You will use this saw on much more than just your cabinet project.

  • DeWalt 10" Chop Saw
    Perfect for cutting crown, fillers, etc. Not a top of the line saw, but very reasonably priced for a serviceable DIY saw. May need a 12" model for some taller crown applications.

  • DeWalt 20V Cordless Drill/Impact Driver Combo
    These are the drills shown in all our videos. The 'impact' driver is awesome. Small, powerful and helps with wood splitting due to the 'impact' driver feature.

  • Bosch Jig Saw
    We feel Bosch makes the best jig saw for the money

  • DeWalt Track saw with 59" Track
    Often better than a table saw. Cut extended stiles right on the assembled box! You will find countless uses for this great tool

Adhesives & Finishing Supplies

  • Titebond II Wood Glue, 32 oz
    Ideal wood glue for cabinet assembly, sets up strong, long enough open working time to avoid setting before you are done the assembly.

  • Glue bottle
    This is a glue bottle we used for years in our old shop in NC. Much more even flowing than the bottle the glue comes in.

  • Spray Adhesive
    We use this for mounting veneer or 1/4 plywood end skins. Sets up FAST and is super easy to apply. See our refacing videos to watch this product in use.

  • Double backed Tape Squares
    This is the stuff you see us using in the videos to temporarily align drawer fronts to drawer boxes, etc. True Lifesaver. Pre-cut squares makes for fast and efficient application.

  • Satin Lacquer
    Rattle can of Satin (equivalent to our 15% sheen).

  • Semi-Gloss Lacquer
    Rattle can of Semi-Gloss (equivalent to our 40% sheen).

  • Sanding Sealer
    Rattle can of Sanding Sealer. Use under/over glaze coats when trying to match Conestoga's glazing process.

Interior Storage

  • Tray & Pan Organizer
    This great storage solution from Omega National is designed to accept a variety of pots, pans, lids, cookie sheets, baking trays & muffin pans. Includes 4 prefinished maple veneer dividers and 8 predrilled top and bottom rails.

  • Pantry pull out: Soft Close, 14 x 43
    This unit will fit an overlay pantry cabinet with a 15" opening. For inset, cabinet must have 16" opening. Opening Height must be at least 45"

  • Pantry pull out: Soft Close, 14 x 51
    This unit will fit an overlay pantry cabinet with a 15" opening. For inset, cabinet must have 16" opening. Opening Height must be at least 49"

Assembly and Installation Aids

  • Cabinet levelers
    Much easier than shims. EZ Level (not available on Amazon) is another terrific leveling system. Check them out at

  • Cabinet Knob/handle Install Jig
    Ideal for use on doors

  • Cabinet Knob/handle Install Jig
    Ideal for use on drawer fronts

  • Cabinet Knob/handle Install Jig
    More expensive, but more elegant solution for accurate installation of cabinet knobs and handles. We used this for years in our NC cabinet shop and our installers loved it.

  • Irwin Clamps
    Use to clamp cabinets face frame to face frame when installing face frame screws. Must use clamps or the screws will just push the face frames apart.

  • Rubber Mallet
    Inexpensive rubber mallet for cabinet assembly.

Books & Resources

  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets
    Great book to read over if you are new to installing kitchen cabinets.

  • Chief Architect Design Software
    Our design team uses the full version of this software for all our designs. This software is a steal at $99 and will help you design every aspect of your house, not just your kitchen! You can even send us the file which we can pull into our Chief Architect software where we can continue refining with you.