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Shaker Kitchen Hero Image

Shaker Style

The most popular of all styles, shaker is pure simplicity. Painted or even stained woods like Cherry are common in Shaker styling. Doors have flat panels and crown moldings are simple or even non-existent. Shakers detested anything that brought too much attention, so keep it simple.

Traditional Style Kitchen

Traditional Style

Traditional style incorporates design elements from several centuries and combines both elegance and easy, day to day comfort. It is stylish without feeling overbearing and is timeless, seemingly always in style. It is rarely polarizing and generally appeals to most people.

TW-10 door with wide frame and beaded inset cabinet. Prism paint custom colors.

Transitional Style

Transitional styling borrows from several different types of design and typically uses different colors. For instance, combining a shaker style door with beaded inset cabinetry, a glazed finish and different countertop materials is a common ‘transitional’ approach to kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen Hero

Contemporary Style

Contemporary styling typically incorporates flat, sleek door designs, simple paint schemes and very little adornment. Coupled with stainless steel or brushed nickel accents and contemporary hardware, contemporary styling is both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Hero Image

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse styling brings back the warmth and comfort of early America. Inset doors are common and the designs are simple and understated. Use of design touches like valanced base cabinets and beadboard accents further enhances the farmhouse feel. Painted finishes prevail.

Amesbury Door, Quarter Sawn Oak (customer finsihed).

Arts & Crafts Style

Arts & Crafts exudes simple, flat, squared-off looks popularized by classic architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright. Inset doors & Quarter Sawn oak are common exampes. Doors are always simple, flat panel designs with very little fanfare, often incorporating pegs in the corner.

Euro Country Style

European Country Style

Euro Country focuses on heavy embellishment. Detailed moldings, carvings/legs, glazed finishes, and applied molding doors are common in this design style. Smaller kitchens can feel heavy and overwhelming in this design style, so be mindful of your available space when designing.

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