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Your First Question…”Does This Quote Represent My Final Price?”

In short…yes and no. As you look this document over, please remember that this quote is just a starting point. Your price can go up or down based on changes you make, as well how efficiently the project itself flows. When projects get bogged down in multiple revisions and excessive changes, we may need to adjust the price upward to cover the additional time spent making changes and preventing errors. Our goal is to come alongside you and make your vision a reality. You can do your part by carefully thinking through your questions and revisions and then submitting them to your Cabinet Coach in a numbered list for easy reference and discussion.  We will do our part to answer your questions thoroughly, anticipate unforeseen issues, and make recommendations that will save you time and fit your budget. Please let us know if you have any questions after you look over your quote. We look forward to working with you!


Do you want to proceed? If so, where do you go from here?!

So you want to continue moving down the path with us…revisions, planning, design, re-quote…It all can be very confusing! Your Cabinet Coach will guide you every step of the way. They know the product better than anyone in the industry and their goal is to help you navigate our vast product offering efficiently and easily, ensuring you realize the kitchen, bathroom or home office you have dreamed of! This video will help you understand what this process looks like.


Learn how to understand your quote document…

While the quote document is complete and detailed, it can be a bit mind-boggling to work through simply because the quote is for custom cabinets. Therefore, your quote may contain very detailed information for custom doors, panels, front frames and more. This video will help you gain a general understanding, but your Cabinet Coach will walk you through it in detail on a screen share as you progress through the planning/quoting process.

Learn about some other things to consider to keep your price low…

Again, the price you were given for your quote is not necessarily your final price. In many ways, you control the final price through the cabinet selections you make, the way your process/project flows, how you communicate during the project life cycle, the amount and complexity of revisions you make, etc. Watch this video to learn some tips and tricks for keeping your price as low as possible!

Learn why Cabinet Joint is the source for Conestoga RTA Cabinetry…

While there are a few other resellers to choose from, none offer a full design team offering a full range of design services (including a free preliminary space plan). None offer a full library of videos to support you in your assembly/install. None offer you a team of 14 professional salespeople and designers who have hands-on experience with the product.

Learn What makes Conestoga so different from other RTA cabinets you may be looking at…

Conestoga is not your conventional RTA cabinet supplier. Based in Lancaster County, PA, their focus is on heirloom quality cabinetry and components. Custom sizes & configurations, dozens of wood species, hundreds of door designs and sliding dovetailed assembly (no cam locks) are just a few of the many things that separate them from imported ‘me too’ cabinets. Sure, they price a little bit higher, but it is ‘apples and oranges’ to compare Conestoga’s product to imported cabinets. And be careful as many/most online cabinets that say ‘built in the USA’ are nothing more than Chinese imported cabinets that are then assembled here in the US. The product itself is still made in China. If this is important to you, always ask potential suppliers where their cabinets originate.

Check Out a Few Videos From Our Video Library Below!

We offer hundreds of videos to support your planning, assembly and installation efforts. Other Conestoga resellers have no video support. Why is that? Because they don’t actually use the product. These videos are a by-product of our hands-on experience with this product. We don’t just sell them. We build them, just like you!

To see all our videos, check out our full Video Libary

Wall Cabinet Assembly

Mounting a Drawer Front to a Drawer Box