When purchasing painted cabinetry, we recommend all MDF doors and drawer fronts be used due to MDF’s inherently superior characteristics of stability and resistance to ambient humidity (which causes solid wood to expand or contract). However, many customers strongly prefer solid wood doors or, at minimum, a solid wood frame on the cabinet doors. Conestoga has always offered all-wood doors for painting, but due to the naturally occurring (and offensive to some) characteristics of painted solid wood, we need to ensure our customers understand what they are getting and agree to the terms of warranty and replacement. Please review the following points and sign the bottom of this page. We will place this with your job file and will commence with the production of your painted wood cabinetry only after we have received this signed form. Thanks for your understanding!

Painted Wood Sign Off

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  • Solid wood door frames may exhibit hairline cracking at the joints. See the image below for an example.

    This is not a defect and replacements will not be issued for this characteristic. It not the result of finish failure, but the result of expansion and contraction of the door’s framing. Conestoga uses a Catalyzed Conversion Varnish in their finishes and, while it is the gold-standard for cabinet finish, it is just like any other cabinet finish in that it does not expand and contract well in multiple directions. So, when the top and bottom rails of cabinet door expand/contract in one direction and the left/right door stiles expand/contract in another, the painted finish cannot ‘keep up’ with the drastic wood movement taking place below it, especially at the joint where these forces are greatest and in direct opposition to each other. Something has to ‘give’ and the paint fractures at the place the stiles and rails meet…the door joint. It is imperative that you understand the following:
  • Please review and check off in this section only if you are ordering an ALL WOOD door, not an all MDF or Hybrid door (A 'Hybrid' door is a door with a Paint Grade Maple frame with an MDF center panel)

    Solid wood panels may exhibit raised seams where the different staves of the glued-up panel meet. When Conestoga makes the door, it is sanded perfectly flat. Then the paint is applied. However, after manufacturing takes place and the doors are shipped, they immediately begin seeking equilibrium with their surroundings, taking on and giving off moisture. Since each glued-up stave in the panel is its own unique piece of wood, each responds to moisture differently. Therefore, please indicate that you understand the following:
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