My name is Annie. I am originally from Summit New Jersey, but moved to Huntersville North Carolina 15 years ago. I have 4 kids, 1 granddaughter, a Vizsla and a mini Dachshund. I love spending time with all of them, preferably outdoors walking trails, playing tennis, or at the beach.  I also enjoy volunteering in my community with my church family, as well as running a Small Group where we can grow in faith together.

After many years as a full-time mom and part-time kitchen design freelancer, I became both an empty-nester and an employee of the Cabinet Joint. I am blessed beyond measure to be an official part of this amazing team!

My college years and early working experience in Industrial Design translated well into my long-term career in Kitchen Design.  Every day, I look forward to helping people create designs that are thoughtfully considered. I love when my clients say, “I would have never thought of that!”

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