Here is how the process works...

  1. 1Get Started


    Contact our kitchen designer

    The design process starts by getting in touch with the designer and communicating your measurements, ideas and wishes. To learn more about our design services and to contact the designer, simply visit our Design Services page.

    Designer develops fee structure & customer remits payment for design work

    Once you have communicated your desires and a basic scope of your kitchen design, the designer will work up a fee structure for your design. Your design service fees will be credited back up to 2% of the order total once your project order is placed.

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    Once you contact the designer, you will need to communicate clearly your design goals and project scope. She will then help you formulate a design budget for your project. Generally, you can get a simple kitchen design for $150-300 , but some customers need much more assistance and use a lot of the designers time for questions, redraws, etc. It is not uncommon for us to see customers spending upwards of $500-700 on design work. She will walk you through the design process and likely costs you will have. Since you are buying the designs, you are free to take them to anyone you like to price out. We feel strongly that a good set of drawings becomes the guiding document for the quote, the assembly of the cabinets and the proper installation of them.

    CabinetJoint will credit back all or some of your design fees, depending on the final project size. Obviously we cannot credit $500 in design fees for a kitchen that costs $2500. In short, we will credit a MAX of 2% of the total job cost once the full order is placed. So, as an example, if your kitchen project ends up coming out to $5,000, we can credit $100 of the design fees you have paid. Be organized and thoughtful in how you approach the design process to keep your design fees to a minimum.

  2. 2Design Submitted


    Final design sent to Cabinet Joint for quotation

    Once you and the designer have defined the space plan, you will sign off on your drawings and submit them to us for quotation.

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    Once your space plan is complete, we can use it to formally quote the project. A few key points to keep in mind:

    1. It is far better to spend the right amount of time in the space planning stage versus rush the plan/design and then continually tweak it throughout the quote process. If the designer/you have come up with some thoughts and want us to just give you some pricing considerations for those ideas, feel free to email us. But, we would prefer to refrain from continual design edits and quote changes as a result as it dramatically increases the risk of error.
    2. The designer will require a sign off on the drawings before we can quote them. Be aware that if you or the designer have incorrectly labeled a cabinet code/size, wall dimension, or other critical element of the plan, Cabinet Joint bears no responsibility for issues or incorrectly ordered product that may result! We will quote exactly what is on the plan, but we do not check wall dimensions, etc. Make sure your plan is accurate and ask the designer any questions you need to gain complete confidence in the plan!
  3. 3Review & Edit


    Quote sent to customer for review

    Quotes are handled on a first come, first served basis and response time can vary based on current volume. We usually respond withing 12–24 hours. Complicated kitchen drawings may result in response times as long as 3 to 4 days.


    Customer submits edits

    Once you have taken time to review the quote, you may submit edits as much as you like. Please do not submit a new form if you are simply requesting edits to an existing quote. All we need is an email, clearly bulleted with the changes and referencing the page/line item/description of the item you wish to change. Unfortunately, changes cannot be made via phone call.

    Online meeting

    The quote is reviewed in an online meeting

    We use ‘JoinMe’ to initiate a screen sharing session, where all parties will be looking at our computer screen. On screen will be your quote and your drawing. We will work through them together, ensuring all the cabinets/accessories are correct. This is a critical step to ensuring your quote is accurate and that all your questions are answered. We can even illustrate things on screen or navigate to helpful web pages to illustrate critical points.

  4. 4Finalize


    Quote is signed off on and payment is made

    This step is only done once you are 100% clear on your order and all selections have been made. We cannot place orders into production that still have open questions such as door style or color. EVERY aspect of the order must be clear and accurate before it is placed. Payment is 100% prepay, as the products Conestoga makes are 100% custom and cannot be restocked.


    Order goes in to production

    Once we receive the payment, the order goes in to the next production cycle, typically the next business day. Lead times for finished products are generally 15-17 business days, not including shipping times. A ship date is issued normally within 2-3 business days of order placement.