Here is how the process works...

  1. 1Plan


    Develop a cabinet list using our website materials

    Everything Conestoga offers is available for viewing on our website as well as insctructions on how to code your cabinets/sizes.

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    1. To access our cabinets, you can either use the ‘Cabinets’ menu and select the type of cabinets you want (all information on our base, wall, tall, vanity and office/entertainment cabinets are located in the menu) or you can access the complete Catalog PDFs. To access the catalogs, go to the Catalogs & Downloads page.
      1. All cabinets are coded by Width x Depth X Height. For example, a wall cabinet 12 x 36 in standard 12.5” deep would be W1236. If you want a non-standard cabinet (for instance 13 x 26.5 x 21), just provide the cabinet size you want.
      2. The catalogs show ‘standard’ cabinets which are in typical 3” increments. Conestoga does not charge a modification fee to deviate from these standard sizes, so feel free to design your kitchen and list your cabinets using custom sizes, so long as those sizes are within the given size range listed with the cabinet.
    2. All Conestoga’s door styles are shown on the web site under the ‘Door Styles’ menu. Available profiles can be seen there as well. If you are concerned about which door style to choose, don’t feel pressured to pick one now. Just tell us to choose for you when you are completing the quote form. Remember, we are just trying to get you a basic budget price. We can work through details later.
    3. Woods & Finishes can be found under the ‘Woods & Finishes’ menu. The colors shown are not an exhaustive list. You may wish to visit Conestoga’s web site ( to see more options. We strongly advise ordering samples before placing your order.
    4. The Accessories menu contains a huge selection of product you will find useful in completing your kitchen: Molding, corbels, posts, carvings, plywood & veneer, interior storage items and much more. Be sure to spend some time accessorizing your cabinets!
  2. 2Submit Form


    Complete the online quote request form

    At the bottom of this page, you can click ‘get started’ where you will be directed to the on line quote request form. You may save the form as you work, but once you submit it, you cannot return to the form.

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    1. The form is generally intuitive and even illustrates many of the options for you.
    2. Please limit your request to one quote at a time. If you have several door styles or quote variations you want quoted, start with one quote and we can give you guidance on what the other options will add or deduct from the quote should you choose to go that direction. Working more than one live quote at a time can lead to errors as the project progresses.
    3. The online RTA Cabinet Quote Request form is broken down into the following sections (note: understanding all information required, before beginning the form, will help you complete the form more accurately):
      1. Step 1: Customer Information
        – We simply need a name, an address the product will be shipped to (you are not added to a mailing list), and a way to reach you in the event we have questions.
      2. Step 2: Cabinet Specifications
        – This part of the form will ask you about your desired cabinet specifications such as plywood cabinet vs. particleboard cabinet, hardware (premium vs. builder grade), wood specie, finish type & color, etc.
      3. Step 3: Wood Specie & Finish
        – This step asks for details on what wood specie you want (i.e. Cherry, Oak, etc) and how you want your cabinets finished. If you are unsure of exact colors, you can simply give us a type of finish (stain, paint, glaze option, etc).
      4. Step 4: Door Style & Profiles
        – This step of the form will guide you through making a door style selection and any edge, frame or panel profiles. Bear in mind, profiles can be picked later, so if you are just looking for a quick quote at this point, you can always select ‘choose for me’. Just remember you are still responsible for these selections, so you will want to revisit these options before placing your actual order.
      5. Step 5: Add Your Cabinets
        – This is the section of the form where you will select your cabinet codes/sizes, provide cabinet options such as finished ends, list your accessories (like roll outs, moldings, etc) and attach any drawings or support documents we may need to quote accurately. If you are unsure of a cabinet code, just describe it for us instead of entering a cabinet code. For instance, “Wall cabinet 36W x 24H x 12D”. You can use the Special Instructions box at the end of each cabinet item to communicate special things about a given cabinet (i.e. glass doors, etc) and the box at the end of the form can be used to communicate questions, clarifications, or additional items you would like quoted.

    Once you have complete the form, you will simply click submit and you are done!

  3. 3Review & Edit


    Quote sent to customer for review

    Quotes are handled on a first come, first served basis and response time can vary based on current volume and also how complete and clear the quote request is. We usually respond within 12 to 24 hours. If there is missing information, incorrect cabinet codes/sizes, drawings to review, etc, your response time may be as long as 3 to 4 days.


    Customer submits edits

    Once you have taken time to review the quote, you may submit edits as much as you like. Please do not submit a new form if you are simply requesting edits to an existing quote. All we need is an email, clearly bulleted with the changes and referencing the page/line item/description of the item you wish to change. Unfortunately, changes cannot be made via phone call.

    Online meeting

    The quote is reviewed in an online meeting

    We use ‘JoinMe’ to initiate a screen sharing session, where all parties will be looking at our computer screen. On screen will be your quote and your drawing. We will work through them together, ensuring all the cabinets/accessories are correct. This is a critical step to ensuring your quote is accurate and that all your questions are answered. We can even illustrate things on screen or navigate to helpful web pages to illustrate critical points.

  4. 4Finalize


    Quote is signed off on and payment is made

    This step is only done once you are 100% clear on your order and all selections have been made. We cannot place orders into production that still have open questions such as door style or color. EVERY aspect of the order must be clear and accurate before it is placed. Payment is 100% prepay, as the products Conestoga makes are 100% custom and cannot be restocked.


    Order goes in to production

    Once we receive the payment, the order goes in to the next production cycle, typically the next business day. Lead times for finished products are generally 15-17 business days, not including shipping times. A ship date is issued normally within 2-3 business days of order placement.