Prices on the Rise…Again

2018 has been one for the record books. Soggy timber fields, rising fuel prices, tariffs, and rising wages have all contributed to price increases this year, one of the most volatile years on record for… More »

We Offer Financing!

We  realize that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, building a home office or constructing the entertainment center of your dreams can lead to financial pressure. While we all want a lovely home, there are still… More »

Ugh…Plywood Pricing is On The Rise

For those who follow the news, it is no surprise that our Government is making moves to protect US industries from unfair foreign pricing practices. While steel and soybeans are the products that make the… More »

Conestoga Materials Price Increase Fall 2017

Conestoga has alerted us of an upcoming year-end price increase, the first of its kind in several years. The price pressure on lumber due to the red-hot housing and remodeling markets have resulted in this… More »

Stanisci Hood Lead Times Extended.

A note from Conestoga regarding Stanisci Wood Range Hood Lead times. The lead time extension is due to a plant move they are undertaking in the coming weeks. Please consider this information when placing orders… More »