• T-Raised Arch Series is designed to best fit 9 foot ceilings and taller.
  • Profile options – Framing Bead: Regular, Elite, Ogee, Square, F-1223.
  • Panel Raise: Slant, G-Cove, RM, M-Bead, P-057.
  • Removable chimney may be trimmed to desired height.
  • Lead time 10 days unfinished, add 7 days for finishing.
  • Fixed panel standard – available with removable panel option.
  • Available in: Hard Maple, PGHM Hybrid, Alder, Rift Cut White Oak, Cherry, Alder, Walnut

Available Sizes

Actual width is 2-1/4″ wider than the widths listed below (trim protrudes)

Available Sizes (custom sizes available through Special Designs):
36 x 42
42 x 42
48 x 42
54 x 42
60 x 42