Valances combo color
  • Each valance is available at 4-1/2″ – 6″ tall (Traditional Arch only available at 6″)
  • Straight valance standard with machine edge, but available with any edge profile. Specify which sides receive profile.
  • Roman Arch valance and Traditional Arch valance comes standard with machine edge.
  • Valances available with a variety of edge profiles; contact us for options and availability.
  • Classic and Elegant valance are only available with a machine edge.

Available Sizes


slab valances












  • Use matrices below to determine the specifications for a patterned valance. Find the desired valance length in one of the C rows. The top number (white numbers in a black box)in the column with the desired length is the pattern length. The pattern will be centered on the valance.
  • From the C block containing the desired valance length, the extreme right number in that row, which is under column B, is the size of the non-patterned area on the left and right side of the pattern. Example: If ordering a traditional valance with an overall length of 30″ (dimension C), it can be seen that 30″ appears in the sixth C row, fourth column of the Matrix.
  • Referring to the top of the column, in row A, a pattern length of 19″ will be found.
  • Referring back to the 30″ C row, at the right end of the row, in column B, a straight, non-patterned run of 5-1/2″ on both the left and right ends of the valance will be found.
  • The selected 30″ valance will have a pattern 19″ wide, centered on the valance, with 5-1/2″ wide non-pattern areas at both ends of the valance.