• Fluted fillers can be ordered in custom widths from 3″ to 15-15/16″ in all standard specie offerings including MDF.
  • Choose from either Tapered or Rounded flutes (see below). If not specified, flutes will be produced using the Tapered design.
  • Edge Profile Options: Fluted fillers come standard with a Machine Edge, but can be ordered with a variety of edge profiles including B-2, C-2, LC-2, L-059, L-061, L-149, PRS-2, V-2 and L-686.
  • Beveled edge profile selections include the L-991 (45 degree back bevel) and the L-423 (22-1/2 degree back bevel).
  • Premium edge profiles include the L-297, L-304 and LC-Inset edge. Upcharge applies.
  • Non-fluted or “flat” areas are standard as shown, but can be customized to meet your design needs. Simply specify the flat dimensions desired. Specify “Flats to measure 0” to extend flutes the entire length of filler.

Available Sizes