Range Hood Cabinet

CABINET CODE: RH_BD (CSRH will appear on your quote if your cabinet is not one of the standard sizes. CS = Custom Sized)

Width: 30″ to 36″ in 1/16″ increments
Height: 24″ to 48″ in 1/16″ increments
Depth: 18″ to 21″ in 1/16″ increments

TO ORDER: Indicate RH + width + height + BD. (i.e. RH3624BD for a 36″ W x 24″ H cabinet Hood). Indicate desired DEPTH and bracket: Style A or Style B in special instructions.

DESCRIPTION: Range hood cabinet, with shelf, knee bracket (Style A or B), and Butt Doors. Cabinet acts as true storage or can be prepared for blower (not supplied). Cabinet comes with hinges. Roman arch design is standard, no options available. (Note: no shelves inside of cabinet).