Cabinet Specifications

Conestoga’s RTA cabinets are broken in to two separate levels for purposes of meeting customer’s budgetary demands. Their all plywood cabinet is called ‘Advantage’ while the particleboard cabinet is termed ‘Essence’. Prior to January 2013, Conestoga called their plywood cabinet ‘Craftsman’ and their particleboard cabinet ‘Pioneer’. With their complete cabinet redesign in January 2013, Advantage and Essence replace the Craftsman and Pioneer lines. While some differences exist between the old models and the new ones (read the complete specs below), the newer construction is superior in quality (uses a 1/2″ back) and improves assembly time by a 30-40%!

Face Frames

Advantage and Essence: 3/4″ thick solid wood face frames with 1-1/2″ wide stiles and rails unless otherwise specified. Frames feature Blind Mortise and Tenon joints. Custom front frame configurations are available. Inquire with a sales associate for details.

Tops, Bottoms and Sides

Advantage: 1/2″ thick 7-ply plywood sides/tops/bottoms with real wood veneered interior. Interior is prefinished in a UV cured acrylic topcoat. A Matching Interior option available where the cabinet interior is the same specie and finish as the outside. This option is suggested for open/glass cabinets and is standard on many cabinets such as open bookcases.

Essence: ½” thick particleboard core material with Maple patterned paper interiors. Matching interior cabinets must be ordered as Advantage. We will switch the affected cabinets for you when placed with an Advantage order.

Exposed ends:  (visible ends that are to be finished to match the cabinets) must be specified per side per cabinet. Flush ends are NOT available in Essence line.

Flush Ends: For Advantage only, a 3/4″ flush end option is also available where the cabinet side flushes out with the cabinet face frame, eliminating the 5/16” face frame lip that is typical on face frame style cabinets.

NOTE: If finish is requested on cabinets, the flush end and exposed end options will automatically result in those sides being finished to match cabinets. Therefore, only request these finished side options on cabinets that will be visible after installation.

Cabinet Backs

UPGRADED JANUARY 2013 – Conestoga now uses a 1/2″ back instead of a 1/4″ back. This gives the cabinet better strength, better screw holding power for drawer glide brackets which fasten to the cabinet back, and improved ease of assembly as the omission of the old hanger cleats allows for fewer steps while providing a better product.


3/4″ plywood veneered/edge banded shelves are standard in Advantage while an upgrade to 11/16 thick solid wood shelves is available. These solid wood shelves are pre-finished with a UV cured acrylic top coat and feature a bull nosed front edge. Shelves are adjustable in 32mm increments. Cabinets with Matching Interior option will receive plywood/edge banded shelves in matching veneer and finish. PLEASE NOTE: Shelves over 18″ deep, shelves for double entry cabinets and shelves for some specialty cabinets are not available with solid wood upgrade and and will be sent in standard plywood.

Essence cabinet features 3/4″ thick particleboard shelves with melamine surface. No upgrade to solid wood shelves is available in this line.

Cabinet Interior

  • Interiors of Advantage cabinets that have doors are finished in a clear UV acrylic topcoat (Essence cabinet features melamine birch pattern interior).
  • Matching interiors are available in Advantage cabinet. Cabinets specified with matching interior (or those that get matching interiors as a standard such as a wall open bookshelf) are finished to match the cabinets when finished cabinets are requested. For unfinished cabinets, the matching interior option will result in a matching specie veneer on the inside of the cabinet, but it will be left unfinished. Unless the matching interior is specified, even unfinished cabinets will come with the interior already finished in the UV clear topcoat, so no finishing needs to be done by the customer.
  • Cabinets specified with matching interior will not have a solid wood shelf even when the solid wood shelf option is requested. Instead, these cabinets feature a 3/4 thick plywood top in the same specie as the cabinet. The front edge of the shelf is edge banded in a matching specie veneered edge tape. If ordering matching interior cabinets stained or stain/glazed, these plywood shelves will be finished to match.

Drawer boxes

Drawer boxes are all 5/8″ solid wood and feature English dovetailed joinery. All drawer boxes are shipped to you fully assembled and finished in a UV cured acrylic topcoat. The standard drawer box specie is a natural birch hardwood. For a drawer box with less natural wood coloration, you can select Hard Maple drawer boxes (additional charges apply). The result is a more consistent and lighter colored drawer box. All drawer boxes come prepared to receive the drawer slides you have chosen. No machining or extra work is required.

Drawer Glides

Standard drawer glide is Blum’s new and improved Tandem Full Extension model featuring their state of the art Soft Close feature and 4 way finger tip adjustability. A Blum Standard 230 epoxy coated side mount glide with 3/4 extension is also available at a substantial discount. All slides come in a poly pack with full installation instructions and hardware.

 Blum Standard color  Blum Tandem New Color
 Blum Standard 230 Side Mount  Blum Tandem Full soft close

Hinges and Hardware

Overlay Hinges are a Blum concealed cup hinges with integrated soft close. For a discount of several dollars per pair, we also offer Ferrari’s concealed cup hinge. These hinges are not soft close, but an optional Karma soft close piston is available (for upcharge) which integrates with the Ferrari hinge to provide soft close functionality.  Inset hinges feature Blum’s concealed cup hinge and mounting bracket for simple adjustment of your inset doors. Soft close options are available for this hinge.

Hinges are automatically supplied with your cabinets in the overlay of your choice, but you can request that no hinges and/or hinge preparation be supplied with your cabinets/doors and then supply your own. This is common in inset cabinetry where the customer may choose to use a finial style decorative hinge which we do not supply.


Blum soft close hinge Ferrari Hinge Inset Hinge
Blum Concealed Overlay Ferrari Concealed Overlay Blum Concealed Inset


Knobs and handles are not supplied and no preparation is done to the doors for hardware. Customer must supply hardware and drill the doors/drawer fronts accordingly.